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First month


You can expect your skin to look younger and brought back to a natural beauty.

Your LPG body specialist will make an initial assessment of your skin using the LPG evaluation method. The appropriate and personalized protocol for your face and/or body will be determined and we will begin with 2 treatments per week. "Wake up cells!" You will use an Endermolift kit ($40)= personal Endermowear patented LPG to promote hygiene and effective treatment + personal face flaps for sanitary purposes.  

Maximize and optimize the results by using our selected "Strivectin" Skin care line during the session and by following up with your own treatment program at home. You will see and feel the difference! 


Incorporate once/week your skin work-out into your lifestyle. It's like a fresh, relaxing bath of rejunevation for your skin and your whole body. As you will feel healthier and more attracting, your mind will be instantly boosted.



Blood thinners, Any circulatory Conditions, Pregnancy, Cancer, Infections, Skin Infections, Phlebite, Any conditions or disease  in acute or chronic stage.

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