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I prefer receive a massage with one of your therapist. How can I make sure I will have her? 

Yes, no problem. We can accommodate our customers with your favorite therapist.

Can I buy a package and redeem my sessions with both therapists?

Yes, it is possible. You can redeem your package sessions with both of our therapists.

Where are we located?
We are located at 509 W Dickens Av. sharing the building of Lincoln Park Hair Salon and Spa. across the corner of Carnival grocery store and Gemini Bistrot.
Do we take walk-ins?
We cannot accommodate walk-ins, however, accommodate appointments with short-notice; please call us at 312-459-3084 to schedule your appointment or visit our online schedule.

Do we have parking?
There is plenty of free parking in the area. After 6:00pm, parking is still free and permit is not required only on N Lincoln Av.
What is our cancellation policy?
When an appointment is made, we reserve a treatment room and a therapist for the exclusive use of our client. Late cancellations and no-shows present lost income situations as our staff's time and resources allocated to the scheduled sessions cannot be recovered. We have implemented a fair cancellation policy to protect our business, our staff, and our customers. 
Massage appointments: we must receive notice of cancellation, or rescheduling, at least 12 hours before the scheduled appointment time.  If such notice is not received, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged regardless of the reason and regardless of whether the cancelled appointment gets re-booked..  
The cancellation policy also applies to appointments that are cancelled for the purpose of being rescheduled.

No show will get charged the full service price.
Is gratuity expected? Can I tip on credit card, or does it need to be cash?
Gratuity is not expected but is always appreciated. Most clients tip an average of 15%-20% on the price of massage. Gratuity may be in cash, or be charged on credit card. For cash tips we suggest that you use the tip envelopes found at the front desk.

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